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MAGELLAN - Sci-Fi Feature - A Near-Future Space Thriller

NASA, artificial intelligence, quantum entanglement, mysterious signals from space and an awesome A.I voiced by Matthew Mercer!

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An Impossible Project

The more digital the world the more analog the dreams. A feature documentary shot on 35mm film.

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The untold story of Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth.

MECHA-UDE: Japanese Animation

Japanese geek girl’s challenge to anime creation.

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The Eyeslicer Season One

The Eyeslicer is a new variety TV show bringing the next generation of alternative American filmmakers together under one strange roof.

The Big Bachi Film

A noir set in 1960s Los Angeles finds a Japanese American gardener thrown into a web of deception that will expose his dark past.

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    Valentina, a short film about a talking vagina

    Valentina is a near-future tale of a vagina just looking for freedom, equality, and some fresh air.

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    Duncan Edwards - The Boy Who Had It All

    A short film documenting the rise of school boy prodigy, Duncan Edwards From humble beginnings to the big stage: Manchester United.

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    Alex, a delivery girl, delivers to an ex who reveals he's gotten sober and now wants to make amends.

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    Caring for Mother

    Harrowing tale of a young refugee girl left alone to care for her dying/dead mother. The film examines the over-stretched care system

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    LEAP: a short Film

    A short film about a Kiwi artist living in L.A. who must learn to trust in her own abilities and be bold enough to chase her dreams.

  • "Frontier" - Short Film

    A child blazes a trail into the unknown frontier, unprepared for what she finds.

  • The VR Mystery Short

    5 strangers, one night, and a dead body - you! While immersed in a 360° experience, can you solve the mystery of your own murder?

  • Emergency Contact

    The Joker Company's First (Short) Feature Film Based on the creepy-pasta by Grant Pietro

  • Short Film - REDCOATS - #DontTreadOnShe

    Three Redcoat soldiers pillage the home of a woman, her daughter and two grandchildren and get more than they bargained for.

  • The Untimely End of Ms. Xiang

    We've put a lot of love into this project and now you can help us submit to festivals and host a screening in Los Angeles.

  • RISK

    A tender and sensitive film about two lonely people finding each other for a moment in time.


    JESS IN TIME - The next moment may be the one that saves you.

  • AWAKE - Experience The Fear Of Sleep Paralysis

    Awake is a short film about the effects of Sleep Paralysis. Sleep Paralysis causes the sleeper to see demonic figures while paralyzed.

  • Adäquat

    Shortfilm about a man's longing for nature and fantasy in a world of bureaucracy.

  • La puerta del final (The final door) - Short film

    La puerta del final (The final door): A short film shot in Super 8 motion picture film

  • PIT

    This is a visual short film for a song off my eventual project 'Of Loves Lost'.

  • Lurker

    A short film about love...

  • Short Pajamas Pineapple Project

    We need $5000 to finish our short film! Please, help Short Pajamas unite a man with his pineapple!

  • Drive Manny Drive: Matt Shelley-Reade's Film Thesis

    Fundraising effort for my senior film thesis, Drive Manny Drive, a short film about failing your driver's test...again and again.

  • The Life of Donald D. Dump, poorly animated political satire

    Donald D. Dump is running for president and the world has never been the same since. Search 'Little World View' on YouTube for preview

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