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Where YOU decide what's newsworthy

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The Deep: Atlantic Canada's long-form magazine

The Deep is a new home for in-depth, long-form journalism in Atlantic Canada. In partnership with The Coast weekly.

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Body Pos Project

The Body Pos Project is an online space dedicated to publishing interviews and images of women who are redefining body positivity

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Pens Plus Pals: A Modern Matching Service for Pen Pals

Pens Plus Pals facilitates and celebrates modern-day letter writing by matching aspiring Pen Pals across generations and geographies.

CreativeMornings Portsmouth / Kittery

Help us get to Austin to attend the CreativeMornings Global Summit, so we can continue to build a rich, dynamic PKX experience for you!

Save The Hardwick Gazette

The Hardwick Gazette was founded in 1889. Help ensure its legacy and save a foundation block of democracy.

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    My American Education: Students Talk About Public School

    This book will give voice to the prekindergarten through 12th-grade students of the U.S. public school system.

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    Palmss Mag | An Anthology of Creative People & Their Work

    A print publication showcasing the thoughts, feelings, growth, and creative processes of every day, creative people.

  • DeadLights Horror Fiction Magazine

    A Horror Fiction Magazine printing flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and art, with a focus on up-and-coming authors and artists!

  • SALT Magazine

    At SALT, we ask just one question: “Can we buy you dinner?” All we want in return is a story, an idea, an opinion or an anecdote.

  • Mystique Magazine

    Mystique aims to empower women as well as showcase the borderland culture we love, through writing, art, & education.

  • Young Outdoors Magazine

    A magazine to get kids excited about the outdoors and teach them how to have fun in and learn about our natural world.

  • Work Life Balance Organizer | Planner | Journal | Meditative

    Work Life Balance Organizer & Journal were created & designed to incorporate meditation, reflection, gratitude into your day!

  • Lezzies on the Lam: Living Little in an RV

    A project that follows a young lesbian couple and their dogs as they buy an old RV and live on the road. Laughs, mishaps, and insanity.

  • Wake and Wander Hawaii

    Travel publication, focused mostly on Hawaii, that puts the writing back in travel writing. Magazine storytelling in newspaper format.

  • Save The Hardwick Gazette

    The Hardwick Gazette was founded in 1889. Help ensure its legacy and save a foundation block of democracy.

  • T.H.C. The Herb Chronicle

    A news paper about the Cannabis industry. Not stories about growing, actual news stories of what is happening in the cannabis industry.

  • Surviving a Child's Heroin Addiction!

    Helping families deal with an addicted child, siblings coping with the collateral damage, and speaking to anyone and everyone to help!

  • The Portland Boozer Cruizer

    A guide to the Portland bar scene. Drinking is always better with a friend, right? So, bring me and my experience with you.

  • Maddy's aim to tell her story.

    Hi There my name is Madaleine, My life has been one heck of a journey. My dream is to write my own book and that is my aim.

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    A new kind of print magazine for girls—one that inspires them to be smart, strong, fierce, and, above all, true to themselves.

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    The Riveter is a women's longform lifestyle magazine. Join us in promoting women in journalism and thoughtful content for readers.

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    A narrative history book about the politics, warfare, betrayal, and culture that shaped the first decade of Eve Online.

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    Join Sceen'ry in printing Volume 1, Perth WA. Crafted by local creatives, photographers, artists, business owners and writers for you.

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    Caribou est un magazine sur la culture culinaire québécoise en pleine affirmation de son identité.

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    Comedy. And journalism. And design. Combining our passions in a beautifully written, illustrated and designed magazine about stand-up.