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Show Me Your You - Prompt Cards for Portrait Photographers

Show Me Your You is a deck of emotive prompt cards for portrait photographers who want to take human connection to the next level.

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The Sikh Project Book

Shot over 3 years in the U.K & U.S, and featured in press worldwide, we need your help to back the highly anticipated Sikh Project book

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Bring back the Fabulous Wonder Bokeh Lens: Primoplan 58 f1.9

From melting, swirling bubbles to soft and creamy bokeh, yet astonishing sharpness: Discover all those facets in one true art lens

Terra Nostra - a book by Mimi Mollica

Terra Nostra is a personal project on my homeland Sicily bearing the signs of the destructive presence of Cosa Nostra in the island.

That Golden Pup: 2017 Calendar

12 months of love and joy through the eyes of a puppy

Women vs Cosplay: 2017 Page-A-Day Calendar

We’re celebrating the diverse and talented female costumers of the cosplay community with a beautiful 365 page-a-day-style calendar!

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    INVISIBLE LIGHT – The Dolomites in ultra large format

    The Dolomites – captured as ambrotypes with one of the most spectacular mobile cameras in the world! A gigantic art project!

  • Landscapes of Canada - Memorable Photography Keepsakes

    My Goal: to bring life changing images to awaken the civilized mind to the beauty we still share on this earth.

  • One Door Closes, Another Door Opens!

    I want to raise funds so that I can participate at an Art Exhibition in Miami during Art Basel week.

  • WILD ROME, animals living free in the eternal city

    A BOOK ABOUT BEAUTY AND CONSERVATION OF NATURE! Help us to inspire people to care for the future the wildlife of Rome!

  • Botanical Cosmos | 2017 Calendar

    Poster-style calendar featuring Man's signature style botanical photography.

  • Take a Hike, a Children's book

    Encouraging every child and their adults to “Get out of the city away from the town, find a safe trail put your boots on the ground!"

  • Cloud Strife

    Viewing pictures of clouds has a calming effect on our team. We wanted to share a project that captures why we enjoy the view so much!

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    Mandy is taking her trusty steed Ben on a walk through the Bob Marshall Wilderness. This through hike will cover 94 miles over 10 days.

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    SW Sonora, Mexico's Pitayal (coastal thornscrub) is an ecosystem found nowhere else. Help document & protect a desert gem under siege.

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    Utah photographer to travel Southwest documenting 'modern Americana,' while challenging the false construct of pristine wilderness.

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    Photographing 58 lesser-known natural wonders across the USA, and showing a vision for the future of conservation in America.

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    A 2015 12 month calendar featuring macro photography of insects by Jeremy Knoll.

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    Using camera trap photos to identify remaining habitat and existing gaps in the distribution of the endangered Baird's Tapir

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    Conserve and make freely available a unique decades old collection of photomicrographs of Madagascar woods.

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    D15c45af1fefd15b40529097a75e5549 original

    A beautifully-boxed portfolio, Íslendingasögur, condensing the best of seven years of my Icelandic nature photography.

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    Support Camille's BIG CLOUD Project as she sets out to chase storms this summer!

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    Long exposures of wildfires from the fire lines during one of California's worst droughts on record.

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    F9b7c97e1cee009042352201134b46a6 original

    We are riding the Great Divide not only as cyclists, but as visual journalists to tell our story of what it takes to ride the divide.

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    Please support my Denali National Park Artist Residency. Your efforts make possible the images I bring back! If I do not freeze!

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    Fascinating angles, unique photo techniques & the story behind each of the 140+ images. Africa's wildlife like you've never seen it...