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Bolzano, Italy
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  • Coups de cœur
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    INVISIBLE LIGHT – The Dolomites in ultra large format

    The Dolomites – captured as ambrotypes with one of the most spectacular mobile cameras in the world! A gigantic art project!


    Join the sustainable lifestyle! Come and visit our page to discover our limited edition of innovative jackets!

  • Josef is the new travel book, published by franzmagazine, to discover Bolzano Bozen, SouthTyrol, through the eyes of its insiders.

  • Bratkilla Album CD? Let's get it done! We only need 500€ to get it started! #jointhecult

  • Vinyl Pressing x SYNTHAKT - Memento Mori EP

    wax is king. we are eagerly looking to press our first vinyl for this forthcoming release // Synthakt - Memento Mori EP

  • Riddledrum

    Riddledrum is a quiz game for iOS, Android, Windows that allows you to play tons of quiz and to create your own ones for the community!

  • LINKS - dressing culture

    authentic extraordinary and Zeitgeist communicate our multicultural societies and create a political statement - become a part of!

  • 4030 New Life Future

    4030 will get you really live in the future and thanks to virtual reality in a futuristic planet. Trade, fight, explore ....