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    —in3s— an evening with chuthis.

    —in3s— is a brand new evening of dance by choreographer Peter Chu that showcases the women of chuthis. in three parts.

  • Henshin Engine The GAME. - PC Engine/TG-16, PC/Steam!

    Henshin Engine is a new 2D action platformer developed for real 16-bit hardware from the ground up based on the world of video games!

  • Smartphone Sensor Case with Distance Shield

    Every Day, thousands of people run into each other and get hurt while using their smartphone. Our DistShield Cases will prevent that.

  • Underage

    A dramatic crime series based on the real life events of Michael Gambino growing up in Las Vegas as the son of a MOB Boss.

  • The Life Protocol

    A Distant future, after a war that left our earth unfit for life made us scatter to the stars. Humans, push past greed and became more.

  • Get Dave to Events!

    Help send Dave Throop to events so he can do on site interviews and create more HCS Pro League content. Specifically PGL Las Vegas!

  • Family Not Forgotten Greeting Cards

    A new brand of greeting cards for family members and friends that are incarcerated or are unable to share the moment at the time.

  • CAUSE Classical Music Festival to aid charities.

    Supporting a CAUSE (charity) while enjoying the first class live classical music performances - for a purchase of one ticket!

  • Vegas Show

    An opportunity for an ongoing show in Las Vegas.

  • How Any Kid Can Start a Business: A New Book by Mark Cuban

    Many kids grow up wanting to be doctors and lawyers, but not entrepreneurs. Let's inspire the next generation of business leaders!

  • The first time you use it, it has already paid for itself

    YOU'VE EARNED IT, DON'T LOSE IT. Keep it safe with the SaviorWallet. Lock it away, keep it for another day!

  • "The Galaxy Collection" by Domsky Glass & THE STUDIO LV

    Limited edition collection crafted in metal & glass including Domsky Glass candle holders, lighting, art experiences & more!

  • Screaming Eagles

    Retro inspired, arcade top-down shooter for PC.

  • The Roadie the worlds first case/gigbag friendly guitar rest

    The Roadie is a guitar/bass rest designed to be secured UNDER the handle of most combo amplifiers.

  • FlexClipz- changing the standard for face-mask clips

    FlexClipz is an energy absorbing facemask clip for football helmets. Our mission is to make our Clipz the new standard

  • Real Fantasy GPS mobile game

    Our groundbreaking new GPS mobile game is now available. Players are loving it and we want to add some cool new features!

  • King's Gate - A Brigandine Tale (Sequel To Brigandine)

    King's Gate - A spiritual successor to Brigandine:The Legend Of Forsena. We are making a sequel to the Playstation Classic !

  • Deadliftz Clothing

    High quality fitness clothing with custom, one of a kind zombie artwork. Offered in sizes to fit your lifestyle!



  • RoboGuts

    RoboGuts™ STEAM education program for schools and beginners is a RoboGuts™ circuit board, lessons and 3D printed parts. Learn 2 Make!