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    THEATRICS - The Hardcover Graphic Novel

    Can the world's best actor become the world's best boxer?

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    FEND | The Collapsible Bicycle Helmet

    The bicycle helmet that collapses to one third of its original size. Collapse, stash, and store in your bag until you need it again!

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    Legend the Comic

    Sometimes what you dream of isn't everything you wanted. An urban legend has two brothers making choices that'll change things forever!

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    Alex, a delivery girl, delivers to an ex who reveals he's gotten sober and now wants to make amends.

  • THE FOREVER O.G. PANTS Lifetime Quality without The Markup

    Silver infused pants that are Odor, Liquid & Stain Resistant, Made in New York and backed by a Lifetime Quality and Size Guarantee.

  • Art/Fashion|The Journey

    I'm creating a social art exhibition in NYC, at the same time traveling to Europe to be mentored in fashion.

  • WoWitsGoldie Music Videos

    Just created my FIRST kickstarter to raise money for 2 music videos, and also the promotion ! HELP me FUND-my vision!

  • Ghosts of New York

    A short film about letting go of your past and embracing the future.

  • In The Dudleys! family memories are brought to life as a malfunctioning 8-bit video game. Press Start.

  • Finishing a Film: Behind the Line

    We've already done the hard part: we've shot a short film! Help us put the pieces together to make something memorable!

  • The American Dilemma

    The American Dilemma explores and documents the origin and far- reaching impact of racism in America.

  • Drunken Wings

    The place where chicken meets liquor for the first time!

  • goldno.8 Customizable Handbags

    goldno.8 allows you to be the designer of your bag. Pick each component and build a bag that reflects your own unique style.

  • World's First Sweat Proof Dress Shirt w/ Lifetime of Quality

    Egyptian Cotton Dress Shirt Made In Italy, Sweat Proof, Liquid, Odor & Stain Resistant w/ 15 sizes. Lasting Quality w/ no Child Labor.

  • Does it Hurt When I Do This?

    Woodshed Collective's FIRST LOOK showing of "Does It Hurt When I Do This?" gives audiences a chance to play doctor, literally.

  • [Blank] My Life, Season 2

    [Blank] My Life is a surreal, comedic web series about Susan's quest to find love and simultaneously not end her life.

  • ROOT

    Da-On Dance's new full length dance work with original live music explores the challenges faced by immigrants adapting to a new culture

  • Tectonic Series: Water-repellent, Light-weight and Packable

    A series tailored for travel regulars and individuals who embrace a convenient lifestyle.

  • SkyFloat

    The world's first ceiling mounted, mid-air, hands free, adjustable SkyFloat to hold your phone or tablet at any height or angle.

  • 1st Torah Written by Female Scribe for Manhattan Synagogue

    Tamid: The Downtown Synagogue seeks to complete the first Torah Scroll written by a female scribe in Manhattan, New York.